That one time I sat in a coffee shop judging people

I sat in a coffee shop one morning. I ordered a medium Breve with an extra shot of espresso and a blueberry muffin, which was served with irritation when I asked for the plastic wrap to be removed prior to heating in the microwave. I sat facing the full front window.  The wind made the banners … Continue reading That one time I sat in a coffee shop judging people

My room is a mess, so is my mind.

“My room is a mess.  A complete and utter mess.” I mumbled this to myself as the early morning light began drifting over my room spotlighting every thread of clothing scattered about.  Blue jeans poised over boxes in anticipation of a new adventure with belt dangling as if in a dare.  Running shorts balled and … Continue reading My room is a mess, so is my mind.

To Translate: Verb

via Daily Prompt: Translate I felt stuck.  My free flowing roots became embedded into mud.  Every step weighed heavier and heavier.  A box.  Glass walls that teased.  Outside played like movies I could only see but not touch.  I reached my hand to touch the world that swirled in colors before me only to meet … Continue reading To Translate: Verb

Yellow Teardrops

via Daily Prompt: Yellow My mother planted daffodils one spring. I failed to see the simple pleasure of moving earth over unbloomed bulbs when I was 10. Every year she marveled as tiny stalks pushed forward and smiled with perfect yellow petals. At 14, a new house, new yard, more overtime. Scarce moments found to … Continue reading Yellow Teardrops