David vs Goliath: Our Fight Against Epilepsy

My youngest child was born to be a hero, warrior, inspiration. Every obstacle that was tumbled into our path through infancy, toddler years, childhood and adolescence has been gracefully, and ungracefully, hurdled. We, and I say “We” because We are a family, support one another and move (turbulently at times) through this life and around … Continue reading David vs Goliath: Our Fight Against Epilepsy


Jealousy’s Awe

I saw a flower peek its petals Under the thick snow It yawned and stretched its colors Unconcerned Unyielding Defying and Brave I knelt beside it and Touched its Velvety softness in Jealousy's Awe. ~A Marice~ *Broken Pencil Diary*

Feeding the Shadows

  She simply stated, “I don’t belong.”  Easing backwards through the doorway’s threshold Closing as softly as her footsteps  She stepped into the dark of night Consuming Sucking her breath in violently Her eyes haunting Bleak Light smothered until a void remained Stumbling over outstretched hands Sinking into the shadows Whispering, “Where I belong.” ~A. … Continue reading Feeding the Shadows

That one time I sat in a coffee shop judging people

I sat in a coffee shop one morning. I ordered a medium Breve with an extra shot of espresso and a blueberry muffin, which was served with irritation when I asked for the plastic wrap to be removed prior to heating in the microwave. I sat facing the full front window.  The wind made the banners … Continue reading That one time I sat in a coffee shop judging people

My room is a mess, so is my mind.

“My room is a mess.  A complete and utter mess.” I mumbled this to myself as the early morning light began drifting over my room spotlighting every thread of clothing scattered about.  Blue jeans poised over boxes in anticipation of a new adventure with belt dangling as if in a dare.  Running shorts balled and … Continue reading My room is a mess, so is my mind.

To Translate: Verb

via Daily Prompt: Translate I felt stuck.  My free flowing roots became embedded into mud.  Every step weighed heavier and heavier.  A box.  Glass walls that teased.  Outside played like movies I could only see but not touch.  I reached my hand to touch the world that swirled in colors before me only to meet … Continue reading To Translate: Verb

Yellow Teardrops

via Daily Prompt: Yellow My mother planted daffodils one spring. I failed to see the simple pleasure of moving earth over unbloomed bulbs when I was 10. Every year she marveled as tiny stalks pushed forward and smiled with perfect yellow petals. At 14, a new house, new yard, more overtime. Scarce moments found to … Continue reading Yellow Teardrops