Yellow Teardrops

via Daily Prompt: Yellow


My mother planted daffodils one spring.

I failed to see the simple pleasure of moving earth over unbloomed bulbs when I was 10.

Every year she marveled as tiny stalks pushed forward and smiled with perfect yellow petals.

At 14, a new house, new yard, more overtime.

Scarce moments found to dig new holes.

On long, quiet walks I would find wild flowers blooming.

I’d gather them in my fist as if I were 6.

Tender hugs and smiles rewarded as those tiny yellow flowers sat proudly in a vase.

I was 15.

Years pass.  Petals bloom and die.

I walk with kids on my hips.

My mother planted sunflowers one spring.

I was 33.

I could hear the pride in her voice as they overcame the wilting Texas heat.

One July I touched the petals, soft and velvety.

August I arranged a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers on her casket as I said goodbye.

I was 39.

~A. Marice~






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